Herman Ministries International Partners

Partnership is an important part of Herman Ministries International.  Being a partner helps us spread the good news of Jesus Christ and also helps to spread sound, life changing Bible teaching to believers everywhere.

When you agree to become a partner we will stay in communication with you and periodically send special gifts to show our appreciation of your financial support.  You will also receive an initial Covenant partner gift upon enrolling.  We only ask in return that you keep the ministry in constant prayer by praying for the God's blessings to be made manifest in the lives of our family and the other supporters of Herman Ministires.  Your participation is requested at any conferences or meetings we have in your area. 

To sign up for Covenant Partnership complete the response form below:

Yes I am excited to become a Covenant Partner with Herman Ministries International.  I look forward to helping to spread the message of Jesus Christ and sound, life changing Bible teaching to the world through my monthly commitment.