Pastor Rosa Herman

Rosa Herman is the wife of Senior Pastor, Dr. E.B. Herman of Harvest Family Church. Rosa is a straight-forward gifted communicator who communicates God’s Word with warmth and grace inspiring others to pursue a more intimate relationship with Him. Rosa joins E.B. on the stage frequently for team teaching along with teaching first service weekly. She helps direct many of the creative organizational aspects of Harvest and its affiliated ministries.

Rosa Herman, co-pastor of Harvest Family Church in Fayetteville, NC, is a straight-forward gifted communicator, loving mother, supportive wife, TV and radio personality and powerful preacher of God's Word. With over 2 decades of pastoral experience, and more than 30 years of marriage, she is able pour out a continual stream of wisdom and knowledge.

Known as a woman of great faith, she is the founder of Women of Worth Ministries, a ministry that ministers to thousands of Christian women through its annual conference, workshops and mass media. With a heart for women of all backgrounds she encourages women to be all they can be in God and to reach for the impossible. Many women are set free by her anointed no nonsense Word.

With 13 years as the Executive Director of Education at Harvest Family Church, Rosa has solidly established a private Christian Preschool and Preparatory Academy that has ministered to the educational needs of the community for almost 20 years.

Rosa walks in a tangible healing anointing, and over the last decade has hosted numerous healing services where God's miracle working power is evident by the many lives that are changed. Currently Rosa is in the process of releasing her first book in the year 2012, entitled, "Declare Your Healing", through which she hopes to spread God's healing power to anyone who has the faith to believe.

Affectionately known as Pastor Rosa, she is frequently invited to be a conference speaker for women, has traveled on mission trips with her husband and maintains integrity as the first lady of Harvest Family Church. She is dedicated to continue her journey of faith by continuing to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ not only to her local community, but to the entire world. Her mission is to teach God's people to perform his principles so they can be educated, empowered and encouraged.

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